Full Structural Engineering Service Available

Structural Engineering for Domestic Residences and Home Units Commercial Office Buildings, Public Buildings and Industrial Buildings. Civil Engineering Designs for Retaining Walls, Stormwater Drainage Systems.

We can design your concrete floor slabs:

  • Concrete Raft Floor Slab
  • Concrete Waffle Floor Slab
  • Concrete Suspended Floor Slab (all types)
  • Concrete Floor Slab on Ground
  • Concrete Foundations & Concrete Pier Pads
  • Concrete Structural Beams
Structural Engineering in Western Sydney, Penrith and the Blue Mountains

We can design your steel structural components:

  • Steel Portal Frame
  • Steel Universal Beams (UB)
  • Steel Column
  • Steel Roofing Structure
  • Steel Roof Decking
  • Steel Base Plates and Anchor
  • Steel Bracing

All structural engineering designs are certified by our Business Associates: Practicing Structural Engineers

  • Kneebone, Beretta & Hall P/L
  • Mr T. Hall (F.l.E. Aust CPEng)
Structural Engineering in Western Sydney, Penrith and the Blue Mountains

Concrete Floor Slabs

As a guide only (minimum to maximum price range). All pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Concrete Floor SlabConcrete Raft Floor Slab (plan & details) design drawing$900 to $2,500
Concrete Waffle SlabConcrete Waffle Slab (plan & details) design drawing on application only$1,500 to $3,500
Structural Steel Portal Frame(plan & details)On Application
Concrete Suspended Floor SlabConcrete Suspended Floor Slab (plan & details)$1,500 to $2,500
Foundations & FootingsFoundations & Footings (plan & details)$950 to $3,000
Structural supporting BeamsStructural supporting Beams (plan & details)$750 to $2,500
Structural Engineering Certification and/or Hard CopiesStructural Engineers Certificate & Specifications$650
Drawing & Document Printing$400