Building Renovations

Whether you are improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure through renovation or remodelling with an addition/extension to your existing home to improve your lifestyle and family needs, John Gersteling & Associates will help you create the home of your dreams.

Accredited Building Design Consultants

Renovating or restoring? The team at John Gersteling and Associates will work with you to create the new look you are after for your home. All our designs for renovations or re modelling will ensure the structural integrity of the existing home.  Structural Engineering  is part of our professional design service.

Many design consultants do not include Structural Engineering design and certifications as part of their services. Keep this in mind when you receive a quotation from other design services, their quotation seems less than quoted by John Gersteling & Associates because we include this service in all our quotations.

Before and After Renovation


When we design your additions/extensions we need the following documentation from our clients. It is recommended that the client provide us with a copy of the existing home floor plans as submitted to council for approval for the original home. There are 3 ways of obtaining a copy of your plans documentation:

  1. Contact your local council to provide you with a copy of your existing home. (they are available from their archives)
  2. Contact the builder of your home and ask them to provide you with a copy of your existing home.
  3. If all fails….. we can re-measure your home for a consultation fee of approximately $ 550.00 to $950.00 depending on the size of the home, access and time spend re-measuring internal rooms and external sizes, take ground to floor levels, roof pitch degrees and take photo’s of all elevations.

With all additions/extensions we provide the existing floor plan of your home as it is now. Then we design the additions/extensions on CAD on to the existing floor plan so that council can identify what is there now….and what we are proposing.