The client acknowledges that all documentation prepared is subject to COPYRIGHT and remains the sole property of John Gersteling & Associates and is made available to the client for the sole purpose of construction at the proposed site address. Any other use of the documentation is to be only with the written permission of John Gersteling & Associates. Full license to use this documentation is given upon full payment of all fees. The client will observe all copyright matters including first consultation design sketches and design advice as stated by Australian Federal Law or International laws. If the client does not wish to proceed further, cancel or changed the proposed design sketches, then the original first design sketches cannot be copied or conveyed in full or in part to another architect, designer, draftsman, builder or others without the written approval of John Gersteling & Associates. Designs made by the client or others are not included in this statement and will remain the property of the client or others. Any breaches of copyrights will be pursued in a court of national or international law.