What to consider when designing your new home – part 3

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Style Of Design For Your New Home

The choice of style for the design of your new home is an individual issue that all partners will have to agree on. Us humans came a long way from our first shelter the cave, to where we are today sometimes called the concrete jungle. In many cases there is no difference when we use to live in a sheltered cave to where we live today, we all need a roof over our heads like in the cave days and we still have these same needs today.

When designing a home the first thing we want is to establish a plan or layout plan of all the required rooms we need. The type of rooms and the dimensions of each room will determine the size of the home. The size of a home is calculated in square metres (m2). A square meter is the length times the width of a room or home. Example: 6.0-meter long room multiplied by 4.50-meter wide room is a 2.7 square meter room.

Builder’s quotations are based on the total square meters of the house (or additions/extensions) multiplied by the square meter cost. A new home in brick-veneer is charged by a builder on average between $ 1900.00 to $ 3000.00 a square meter (including plumbing, electrical, pc items etc.)NOT INCLUDING DRAINAGE OR OTHER SITE COSTS LIKE GOODS AND SERVICES TAX. So a new home of 200 square meters estimated the cost will be between $ 380,000.- to $ 600,000.- + site costs and GST to built. (Aus $)

The style of a new home is the preference of choice of the home buyer. We as architect/building designer can provide the design of space that a family or person needs to feel comfortable and safe within the walls of the home. There are certain rules regarding the design of a home. The home must be safe to live in structurally sound and comply with regulations and standards. In Australia, we have to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA 2014) and the Australian Standards Codes (AS).

Most new homes are designed with “the family” in mind. 4 bedrooms are now the norm. The master bedroom has an ensuite with shower, vanity and toilet a walk-in robe and sometimes also a parent’s retreat area. Today’s bathrooms are bigger in size and more elaborate in layout and design. Double showers (size) spa bath’s, long vanities and toilets that are sometimes incorporated into the bathroom design or designed as a totally separate unit. Kitchens are designed around the family area and are now part of the family room area where the family spends most of their time together. The entire kitchen now has stainless steel kitchen appliances from dishwashers to double door fridges. Formal living room and dining rooms are no longer an important part of the family needs. However, an eating area and TV/entertainment room is now part of the “new” design of today’s home. Office, study/PC rooms are becoming an important part of the new home layout design. Most new homes have now the facilities of outdoor eating and BBQ entertainment area’s called the “alfresco” area.

Thirty years ago the “Australian Federation” style of home was seen everywhere. Some new suburbs became a “Federation” suburb with this style of design to be seen in every street. A typical example is the first and second land release in Glenmore Park. This style is a typical example of construction in mass production and I hope lessons are learned not to repeat this again when mass production of a design style is overwhelmed in the landscape of a suburb that turns out to be very ugly.

So when you are ready to start planning for your new home, have a look at your street what type of design style is shown in your street and choose a design that is different enough not to clash with the streetscape. This is where a building designer/architect comes in, to advice and designs your new home.

Some of the building designs available are the Contemporary, Colonial, Federation, Modern, Art-Deco, Gothic, Spanish etc…..