Concept Designs

CONCEPT DESIGNS for future sustainable building design & building materials

Concept designs are designs that are idea’s that have not been accepted, manufactured or put in practice due to a number of reasons. The main logical reason is “it’s not working as expected” others are, can’t be built or manufactured, not practicable, unable to comply with standards or codes. These are some of the negatives but there are many more positives like “think or design outside the square”, replacement of existing more expensive to run systems, environmentally friendly designs that are greenhouse negative or less detrimental to the environment, cheaper to run or maintain and these are only some of the advantages of concept designs. In the past, some great concepts have turned into reality and have been accepted as the standard.

In Australia, a new building method or product will have a very hard time to become accepted because of the conservative nature of the majority of older builders. New innovative building products or methods of construction will have a hard time to become accepted and used. The new current young professional builder has accepted the change and challenges that face all economies due to global warming and has adopted the idea that there are products and methods of construction that are better for the environment and the client.

Concept designs are design ideas that are relatively new and in most cases unknown or never tried before and usually are radical new designs but can be adopted for today’s lifestyles and climate. With the event of global warming and greenhouse effects, building structures are now designed with sustainability in mind. Building products, building design layouts, solar power, water-saving systems, insulation, are all items that are part of a sustainable green policy now being adopted by governments and local authorities in Australia and the rest of the world.

At John Gersteling & Associates we too have ideas in the concept stage. One of the ideas is an in-ground water storage tank that has the shape of a concrete raft slab profile as the top part of the tank. After the tanks have been installed in the ground all you need is to pour concrete over on top of the tank and the garage floor, carport or home floor is poured with the tank under the raft concrete slab. Great for places that have no or little space for water tanks. We call it the “Raft Water Tank TM “. Another concept developed by us is the

“Ventilation Stack TM” This idea has originally been used in a project in Wagga-Wagga NSW by Philip Dolan (Member of the BDANSW Blue Mountains & Riverland branch) who used this system in a vegetable/fruit pantry unit to keep these food items cool without refrigeration. We have tried this system but on a larger scale for ventilation throughout the home. This system will either reduce or eliminate the need for air-conditioning. These concepts are only some of many systems being investigated and tried out for sustainability and environmentally friendly home designs by John Gersteling & Associates.