Building Designs

John Gersteling & Associates located in Silverdale servicing the Nepean area, and in Maitland servicing the Hunter Valley, can provide you with the services of our company associates, all of which are qualified, accredited, and certified professionals in their field of expertise.


Accredited Building Design Consultants

All our architectural designs will include a Structural Engineers Certificate to ensure that your design has the structural integrity to comply with the design criteria. This is part of our standard package. We can also provide you with optional services provided by our professional associates:

  • Hydraulic Engineers are professionals that design water run off (surface water) systems to collect storm water for on-site retention tanks or divert run off water into storm water channels.
  • Landscape Architects who design gardens and are experts in local or native (water saving) landscape gardens.
  • Town Planners are experts in village or town developments.
  • Environmental Consultants will advise on how to take optimal advantage of sustainable building products and building methods to save water and energy running costs of your project.
  • Surveyors that supply land maps with contour levels that are required by authorities.
  • Bush Fire Assessments Consultants who determines if your property is within a bush fire danger zone.

We can design your plumbing and electrical schematics as specifically required by some approval authorities.

Environmental and Sustainable Design

At John Gersteling & Associates, we adopt and promote strict ECO building design criteria. We design projects for any climate, anywhere on this planet. Our strict guidelines exceed today’s strict governmental regulations for flood zone, or bush fire prone areas. We specify appropriate building products to suit your lifestyle, comfort and protection.

John Gersteling & Associates design to minimise the “greenhouse effect” and we endeavour to save you money on expensive energy running costs by including:

  • Thermal insulation to minimise heat in hot areas and be comfortable in cold areas. (Electricity)
  • Recycle and storage of water. (Water)

We can reduce heat loss in winter and keep your building project cool in summer without the excessive use of heating and air-conditioning. Our designs are environmentally friendly and cost-effective to run.

ECO Building Design

We take into consideration the thermal measures of:

  • Building Orientation
  • Glazing and overshadowing
  • Heat gain or loss through windows
  • Cross ventilation in rooms
  • Insulation requirements for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors

We also include water saving measures like:

  • Rainwater storage tanks
  • Recycling of storm water
  • Capture of storm water to be stored in retention tanks for use of watering gardens or fighting bush fires
  • The use of recycled water for toilets
  • Use of rainwater for laundry purposes

If no sewer facilities are available, we have the solution of specifying your own mini sewer treatment plant. We also recommend the use of energy efficient electrical home appliances and light fittings. These and other environmental considerations can be designed into your new building project to save you on short and long term running costs.

Large Residence on Acres

Our design experience and expertise are in large residential designs on acre country lots. We provide totally ECO designs for your acre property that will be greenhouse and environmentally friendly. We have designed many examples of country homes and we have been awarded a certificate of commendation in a BDANSW building design award in 2002. We have continued to design Country 4 to 5 Bedroom Residence’s suitable for acre country lots within the Penrith City Council and Wollondilly Council areas with professional design success.

Unsure or undecided on the style of your next project?

John Gersteling & Associates design with the emphasis on appropriate thermal control, sustainable building products and energy saving systems. Our designs will provide you with the utmost in quality, comfort and pleasure for a lifetime. We fully understand budgetary requirements and will always endeavor to factor this in during the design process as close as possible, but we can not guarantee your total or final building costs. You must obtain the construction costs for your project from a qualified building cost estimator or obtain a quotation from your construction builder; whether they are domestic, commercial or industrial projects.

Assessments And Quotations

Take advantage of our free assessment and quotation for your Domestic or Commercial design project by contacting us via e-mail or contact page. We will call you, or e-mail you a response in less than 24 hours for a free quotation for your project. On acceptance of our quotation you will receive our professional Building Design package, fully prepared to apply to your local council or approval authority. CAD design sketches, computer designed plans and documentation including Architectural Plans and Specifications and Structural Engineers Plans and Certificate will be sent direct to you via email. There will be regular periodic consultations with you throughout the design process of your project. Be assured that you do have a voice in all aspects of your design plans. The fee structure is as follows:

  • Design fees
  • Structural Engineers Design fees
  • Documentation fees ( Specifications, etc.)
  • Liaison with required consultants
  • Federal or/and State tax if applicable (GST)
Sustainable Building Design

If you accept our quotation, a deposit of 50% will be required to start the design work. We will need the remaining balance (50%) of your quotation in progress payments before we send or e-mail the completed package of drawings and appropriate documentation to your address. Payments are only accepted in Australian Dollars. Cheques must be cleared before designs are sent by e-mail. We will send you the design work by e-mail in PDF format. For local Australian clients in NSW within the Penrith, Silverdale, Picton, Camden, Blue Mountains and Blacktown areas, we will provide a free in your home consultation service within the above towns areas. We will visit you and inspect the areas of proposed construction, we will take your requirements and brief to our office and provide you with a free quotation that will be send to you within 24 hours by e-mail OBLIGATION FREE.

Estimated Costs

We provide our clients with a professional Architectural design service, Structural Engineering design drawings and full certification.

Full Architectural detail package is based on what your local Council/Authorities require. Structural Engineering drawings are included if you have a Concrete Slab, Foundations, Footings. Load bearing Beams, First Floor Veranda’s, Balconies, Concrete Floors and Floor pier layout. Drawing sheet size: A1 includes, the following list of consultation services that is inclusive in our full Architectural fee structure: Drawing sheet size: A1

  1. Structural Engineering Certificate to certify the engineering design drawings.
  2. Full Basix certificate when the total construction costs is $50,000.- and over. (NSW only)
  3. Statement of Environmental Effects.
  4. Waste Management Plan.
  5. Sediment Control Plan.
  6. Safety Notes (Work Health and Safety Act 2011)

Our design fees are based on the expectations of our clients. Everyone has a budget so our fees are based on what YOU want and the design difficulties we may encounter along the way. All of these services and consultations can be the responsibility of the client to obtain, but be aware they will be more expensive than using our associates’ network.

Full Architectural detail package estimated costs. An estimated cost for our design work for a RESIDENCE / NEW HOMES of around 200 to 400 Sq meters would be between AUD$ 6,000.00 to AUD$ 8,000.00 + Fee’s are charged depending on design difficulties, Client and Authority requirements, time spend planning for the project and time designing the project on CAD and these are only estimates. ADDITIONS / EXTENSIONS of around 50 to 200 Sq meters would be between AUD$ 2,590.00 to AUD$ 5,590.00 All prices quoted are for our professional package including Architectural Designs, Structural Engineering Drawings & Details, Building Specifications, Structural Engineering Specifications, Basix certificates (NSW only), Statement of Environmental Effect, Waste Management Plan, Safety notes: Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Soil Conservation Plan.

Building Design Services: Western Sydney, Penrith, Blue Mountains and The Hunter Valley


John Gersteling & Associates will no longer cater for stand alone minimal designs for; Timber decks, Veranda’s, Pergola’s, Car ports, Awnings, Garages, Sheds and Landscape features unless arrangements are made with John Gersteling. We recommend that a draftsman be appointed for these small types of structures. We cater for New Homes for building blocks, Country Homes for acres, Additions and Extensions, Duplex Homes, Town Houses, Secondary Homes, Home Units, Granny Flats, Commercial Projects and Industrial Projects.

Timber decks, Veranda’s, Pergola’s, Car ports, Awnings, Garages and Sheds attached to new residence or addition / extensions will be accepted as part of the design brief. (June 2016)